Hey gang!  If you know me, you know that I've always enjoyed writing.  Unfortunately, I don't often have a reason to do so nowadays–I may be the only college student in the world who doesn't have to write essays and isn't happy about it!  I figured that since I was creating this portfolio website, I may as well add a blog.  That way, I'll at least have an excuse to write and publish.  

Expect to find here all sorts of assorted words, in the form of essays, thoughts, media reviews–all sorts of things.  I'm not entirely sure what I want to post yet, to be honest.  I may upload some of my school essays that I'm inappropriately proud of if there's interest.  I have some thoughts about the new Zelda that I'd like to put to words–expect that soon!  But to start us off, I'm posting an interview I conducted for class that should've been published a while ago.  

I hope you all enjoy!  Please feel free to leave feedback.  Cheers!